Hybrid Waxed Canvas

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Hybrid Waxed Canvas

The ‘Hybrid’ finish is an incredibly unique product offered only by Halley Stevensons.  The 'Hybrid' articles use an emulsified wax finish that provides equal weather protection and performance to the Classic Wax but with a dry hand feel. Unlike the ‘Classic Wax’ finishes that have the waxy/oily hand feel and craze/pull-up effect, the Hybrid articles feel dry to the touch and do not have craze/pull-up effects when handling.


  • Hand Feel is drier wax hand feel then normal Bees waxed canvas and iis just as firm.
  • Water Resistant
  • Resists Craze Marks  (Also known as: patina, pull-up, cracking, breaking. This means when you scrunch the canvas, lighter color crease marks will not appear.)